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Scrunchems Creeblers

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Why We Love Scrunchems Creeblers 

Scrunchems Creeblers, a pack of 24 mini tendril balls that turn any smooth vertical surface into a thrilling playground! Toss a Creebler onto a mirror, wall, or window, and watch the magic unfold as these sticky little mites cling on before gracefully crawling down. Their quirky design, covered with tiny tendrils, ensures a slow and mesmerising descent, creating a fascinating visual display!

Each pack has a variety of six vibrant colours, adding a splash of fun to every throw, and they are not just a wall-crawling sensation, Scrunchems Creeblers also make for an ideal fidget tool at home and in school! With their satisfyingly squishy texture, these mini tendril balls invite hands to squeeze and manipulate, providing a tactile and calming outlet for fidgeting! 

Their versatility as both a sticky wall-crawler and a fidget-friendly accessory makes them a delightful addition to any setting. 

Ways to Use Scrunchems Creeblers

Organise Colour: Scrunchems Creeblers can be used to help kids develop colour recognition and sorting skills. Encourage them to arrange the Creeblers by colour, promoting fine motor skills and visual-spatial awareness.

Fidget Tools: The squishy, tactile nature of the balls makes them an excellent fidget tool for children with sensory processing needs who benefit from sensory stimulation. 

Stress Relief: The slow descent of the sticky Creeblers as they cling to vertical surfaces can have a calming effect, making them an excellent tool for relaxation and anxiety.  

Additional Information 

  • Suitable for 5+ years
  • Refresh their stickiness with a quick wash in warm water
  • Dimensions: approx 2cm 
  • Weight: approx 2g

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