Sensory Tools

Our range of sensory tools helps children to feel more grounded and comfortable in their environment. These supports can be used at home, in a sensory playroom, in a classroom, or out and about as children often crave various sensory inputs such as touch, movement, visual stimulation, auditory input, or even taste and smell sensations.

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Sensory Tools

Sensory seekers are children who seek out sensory experiences to fulfil their sensory needs. By providing children with a range of sensory experiences, we can help them better understand their own preferences, develop coping strategies, and express themselves in meaningful ways.

Our sensory tools are designed to calm, soothe, and engage, encouraging exploration to create an environment where children can learn and grow comfortably. 

Tactile Sensory Supports

Our tactile sensory and fidget tools feature various textures, encouraging children to explore and engage their sense of touch. From soft, squishy putty to textured fidget balls, these items help develop fine motor skills while providing calming sensory input. The range of colours and materials allows children to discover their unique tactile preferences.

Oral Sensory Supports 

ARK's range of oral sensory supports is designed to meet children's needs. These tools provide gentle stimulation to the mouth and jaw, helping to regulate sensory input and promote self-regulation. By incorporating these items into daily routines, children can find comfort and explore their oral sensory needs.

Visual Sensory Supports 

Engaging visual perception is essential for many children, and our collection of colourful, sensory-focused tools can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. From calming sensory lights to visually stimulating displays, these items are designed to provide a soothing, engaging sensory experience.

Auditory Sensory Supports 

Our ear defenders can reduce overwhelming noise and create a more comfortable environment for children who are sensitive to sound. By addressing auditory sensory needs, these tools can promote relaxation and self-regulation, allowing children to better focus and engage in their surroundings.

Motion Sensory Supports 

Promoting physical movement and balance is an important aspect of sensory exploration. Our collection includes items like balance boards, which encourage proprioceptive and vestibular input, helping children develop their motor skills and sensory processing abilities.