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Our Approach

We are committed to providing neuroaffirming, child centred, play based, evidence based, quality Paediatric Occupational Therapy services for all children who need it. Our passion for play is evident in all that we do and we promise to support, empower and encourage your child and your family in making meaningful changes to all aspects of their everyday life as you see fit. 

What is Occupational Therapy and why might your child need it?

As Paediatric Occupational Therapists we support and empower children to participate and engage in the everyday activities of their life at their own pace. We do this by thinking about them, the activity they want or need to do and the environment. Your child may need support from a Paediatric OT if: 

  • They are experiencing some challenges in their play skills, sensory skills, fine or gross motor skills 
  • They need support with organisation or self care skills (eating, dressing, using the toilet etc)
  • They need extra support in school (handwriting, transitions, regulation etc)
  • They have a specific diagnosis such as Autism, DCD, ADHD, Developmental Delay, 


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The advice clinic is for parents or guardians who wish to seek advice from Kevin, a Children’s Occupational Therapist in regards any aspects of their child’s development in areas such as self-care, school or play-related activities, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, attention and concentration, handwriting skills and general daily age-appropriate independence skills. This is a 30-45 minute online consultation with Kevin. It is not a therapy service but will help provide you with insights into your child’s development and whether or not they may be in need of an assessment or 1:1 support sessions. 

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Our home based, 50 minute 1:1 Support Sessions provide you with a personalised guided programme to support the development of a particular functional goal or skill area through a play based coaching model. A virtual parental interview is carried out prior to the sessions to establish your goals for your child.

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We provide a wide range of both standardised and non-standardised assessments to children (between the ages of 0-18) and their families. These including Screening, Full Motor, Sensory Processing, Handwriting and Assistive Technology, Review and School Observational Assessments. These child-centered assessments are an important part of the process in learning more about your child. We carry out all assessments in the child’s own home or school (as necessary) and work across Dublin, Meath and surrounding areas. We can travel for an additional cost.

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The OT Club is a play based, non-competitive, fun filled group, specifically for children who are experiencing challenges in the areas of motor skills, behavioural skills, cognitive skills, social skills and sensory regulation. The programme of activities has been carefully designed by Kevin our Senior Paediatric OT and is facilitated by both Kevin and Áine our Occupational Therapy Assistant. At every session of The OT Club we work on improving each child’s gross motor skills such as core and shoulder strength, balance and coordination. We also play many different games to work on social skills, social communication, encouraging cooperation and teamwork as well as body awareness and sensory regulation. Each playful activity has a purpose, the children are learning through their play.