Visual Timers

Does your child struggle with transitions or have difficulty understanding time passing? Visual countdown timers can provide a clear, engaging way to help kids (and adults!) stay on track with everyday tasks.

Visual timers are great tools for time management. The colourful, engaging displays capture children's attention, giving them a tangible sense of the time remaining on a task or how much time until the next activity. 

Perfect for all children, silent timers are also helpful for children with auditory processing challenges, as they may find beeping or ringing sounds distracting or overwhelming.

We use these timers with our clients and our children to help support development and regulation across various settings: at home, in school or out and about.

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How to Use Visual Timers 

Visual timers are incredibly versatile and can support daily routines in countless ways. The clear countdown visuals give kids a sense of control, letting them know exactly when an activity will be finished. With visual timers, transitions become smoother, and children feel more independent and confident in staying on track.

Relax Time 

Visual timers can be a calming tool when it's time to unwind, just before bed or after school. Use them to time mindfulness exercises, deep breathing, or quiet reading. 

Classroom Schedule

In the classroom, visual timers are essential for keeping lessons on schedule and students engaged. Timers can help divide larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps or help move between activities and environments.  

Countdown Timer 

Visual countdown timers provide that essential time marker, whether it's a 5-minute warning before the end of an activity or a time frame before leaving the house. Kids can see exactly how much time is left, reducing anxiety and easing transitions. 

Sensory Timer

For children who benefit from sensory input, the motion of sand cascading down the hourglass shape can have a calming effect.