Calming Tools

Does your child struggle to manage big emotions like anxiety and stress? Or maybe they have trouble slowing down and focussing on tasks? Sensory calming tools are great for promoting relaxation and focus.

With engaging and tactile experiences to capture children's attention, calming tools aim to provide a soothing escape for the body and mind. These tools offer a gentle, focused way for kids to manage overwhelming feelings and nurture their mental health and concentration through mindfulness.

We use calming tools with our clients and our own children to nurture emotional self-regulation and mental health across various settings - at home in a calming corner, in the classroom or on the go.

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Calming Sensory Tools

Calming tools come in many forms to meet the diverse sensory needs of children, which can be implemented as part of your calming strategies. Not just used for calming during periods of anxiety and stress, these tools can also aid with hyperactivity, focus, and concentration. They can be beneficial for children struggling with hyperactivity or difficulties focusing, helping to ground and centre them.

Visual Calming Tools

Our sensory lighting's colourful, engaging displays capture children's attention. The colours and patterns of these visual tools offer a soothing visual experience. The mesmerising liquid motions of our sensory fidget tubes provide gentle stress relief, nurture mindfulness and encourage focus. 

Tactile Calming Tools

Squishy fidgets are the perfect tools for little hands. The tactile texture invites squeezing and fidgeting, providing anxiety relief through calming sensory input. These tools help improve focus by allowing kids to release restless energy and are helpful when they experience sensory overload.

Silent Calming Tools

Perfect for all children, our silent sensory tools are also ideal for those with auditory sensitivities, as beeping or ticking sounds can be distracting or overwhelming. 

Oral Calming Tools

For children who crave oral sensory input by placing non-food items in their mouth, chewys allow them to safely access this input. The gentle chewing can be incredibly calming for children, providing a discreet way to regulate their sensory systems, relieve overwhelming emotions and help them focus on tasks.

Calming Toys 

At Everyday OT, we don’t use the term ‘calming toys’ as we believe these are more than just toys; they are tools to support our children’s well-being and development.