Sensory Chews

Sensory chews are intended for children who need something to chew on, offering an engaging replacement for chewing on clothing and other non-edible items.

These chewable tools are crafted to strengthen oral motor skills and support the development of chewing skills through engaging texture and tactile feedback. They offer essential oral sensory input, catering specifically to those who benefit from additional oral stimulation.

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Sensory Oral Chews 

Our range of sensory oral chews is ideal for chewers of all ages, focusing on the specific needs of those who require consistent oral motor exercises. They are designed to endure various levels of biting and chewing, providing a safe and effective way to practise and strengthen jaw muscles. Perfect for anyone engaging in oral motor therapy, these tools support both habitual chewers and those working on developing stronger oral skills.

Kids can chew to help them self-regulate their sensory input and manage their emotional or cognitive processes. Chewing can offer a calming effect, reducing anxiety and helping with concentration, especially in environments that may be overwhelming or require sustained attention. Sensory chews provide a constructive outlet for this natural impulse, helping children focus better in classrooms, during homework, or in social situations, all while safely meeting their sensory-seeking needs.


'Chewelry' are sensory chew necklaces, pendants, and bracelets that provide a safe and discreet option for sensory stimulation throughout the day. These wearable oral motor chew tools are discreet, perfect for kids who need continuous access to a sensory tool, helping to reduce anxiety and improve focus by satisfying the urge to chew.

Pen Toppers

Designed for sensory seekers, chewy pen toppers fit comfortably on most standard pens and pencils. These tools are not only great for chewing but are specifically shaped to reach the back molars, providing targeted relief and support for jaw strength development. They are an excellent choice for maintaining focus and managing sensory needs discreetly during school or work.


Grabbers are oral motor chews that come with various textures and toughness levels to support a range of sensory preferences. They are designed to withstand intense chewing, making them a durable option for working on biting and chewing skills or for those who require strong sensory input to stay calm and focused.

Vibrating Chews

Vibrating chews are a sensory experience that provides gentle vibrations along with the texture and resistance of traditional chews. This combination helps to soothe and desensitise oral sensory receptors, making it an effective tool for individuals who need additional sensory feedback to regulate their sensory processing challenges. Vibrating chews are also beneficial for developing tolerance to various textures in foods and overall oral awareness.