Sensory Cushions

If you've got a little one who finds it difficult to sit still at important parts of the day, sensory cushions can provide a calming and engaging sensory experience, helping children with sensory processing challenges or attention difficulties stay focused and comfortable.

Whether your child is working on a task in a classroom, doing their homework, or simply eating dinner at the table, these cushions will fit most chair sizes and help them feel centred and at ease.


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Sensory Seating 

Our sensory chair cushions offer a unique sensory experience for children who crave tactile stimulation or have difficulty staying still. The cushions feature a bumpy surface that provides constant sensory input, helping to satisfy this sensory need. As your child wiggles and moves on the cushion, the textured surface provides added sensory input, allowing them to channel their restlessness in a constructive way while remaining seated and focused.


A good seated posture is essential for comfort and concentration. The Movin’Sit Junior cushion is expertly designed to support your child's core strength and postural stability while also encouraging good sitting habits. With their wedge shape and firm yet comfortable filling, these cushions can help alleviate discomfort and promote better focus and the ability to attend during seated activities.


If your child struggles to sit still in a chair when necessary, our sensory cushions feature tactile surfaces that provide a safe and engaging outlet for those seeking additional movement. Children can stay focused and attentive by channelling their fidgeting into these sensory-friendly cushions while satisfying their need for movement and tactile stimulation.


Active sitting encourages movement and engagement while seated, promoting better focus and attention. Our sensory cushions are designed to support sitting, allowing your child to wiggle and shift their position when they are seeking extra movement. Providing a safe and controlled outlet for movement can help children stay alert and engaged, leading to improved concentration and learning outcomes. 


Developing balance and coordination is important for overall physical and cognitive development. Our therapy cushions offer a gentle, unstable surface that challenges your child's core strength and proprioception. Sitting on a wedge or balance cushion is similar to sitting on a therapy ball. As they engage their core muscles, they'll improve their stability, body awareness, and focus, all while having fun and staying comfortable.