Focus Tools

Focus tools help children improve their concentration and direct their attention towards specific tasks or activities. Their primary goal is to nurture concentration, maintain attention and support a child’s regulation.

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Benefits of Using Focus Tools for Children 

Focus tools are supports that help children develop and remain concentrated during academic tasks, classroom activities or anything that requires sustained attention.

Improved Concentration and Attention Span

Incorporating focus tools into a child's routine helps them learn to direct their attention better and sustain their concentration for longer periods of time. This skill allows children to engage more effectively with their environment, follow instructions, and complete tasks.

Sensory Regulation

Many focus tools, like fidget tools, provide sensory input to help children regulate their sensory needs. This can lead to increased calmness and improved focus. 

Time Management 

Tools like timers are helpful for children who struggle with the concept of time. Visual timers and auditory cues can assist children in understanding the passage of time, managing their tasks and schedules more effectively, and developing a sense of time awareness.


Focus tools can increase productivity and task completion by improving focus and concentration. Children may find initiating and following through with activities, chores, or school work more manageable, leading to a sense of accomplishment and boosting self-confidence.

Help Stay Focused 

Focus tools can be visual or tactile reminders to help children stay on task and block distractions. For example, using ear defenders can create a focused environment, minimising external stimuli that could divert attention.