Sensory Lights

Our sensory lights are designed to support children's sensory needs, engaging and soothing while promoting concentration and calmness. They are ideal for creating sensory spaces, like sensory rooms, bedrooms, and calm corners. These lights support relaxation and sensory engagement with different colours and shapes.


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Sensory Lighting 

Whether at home or school, sensory lighting helps with regulating moods and creating the best sensory spaces for children.

Calming Corners

Calming corners are a space where children can feel safe and relaxed, offering a comforting retreat for moments of overwhelm and emotional reset. Our collection of sensory lights features a variety of colour-changing shapes that seamlessly shift through a spectrum, perfect for creating a peaceful, calming corner or room.

Sensory Rooms 

Sensory lights are specifically designed to engage and relax, making them perfect for calming activities and quiet spaces tailored for sensory engagement. They can be used in any space to create a sensory room and enhance the overall atmosphere, providing a soothing glow that adjusts to fit the needs of each child.

Bedtime Routines 

Incorporate our calming lighting into bedtime routines to help ease the transition to sleep. The soft glow and gentle illumination offer a calming atmosphere that helps children wind down peacefully at the end of the day, whether this is in their bedroom, living room or when you’re travelling. 


Set a tranquil tone in any room with our sensory mood lighting. These lights are designed to captivate and engage by projecting different colours and patterns onto the ceiling. This makes them an excellent mood regulation and sensory development tool to use in a playroom, ensuring a comfortable and calming environment.