Tactile Tools

 For many children, the sense of touch is a meaningful way to experience and make sense of their surroundings. Tactile tools provide a safe, engaging way for children to explore different textures, shapes, and materials. Whether your child seeks out sensory input or avoids certain physical sensations, having a variety of these tools on hand can help them become more comfortable and confident in engaging with the world around them.

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Tactile Tools (Not Toys)

Our range of tactile tools comes in various forms, from fidget balls to sensory cushions with different raised patterns and materials. Many are designed to engage fidgeting hands and provide calming or alerting sensory input. Some tools incorporate other senses, like sound or visual effects, to create a more immersive sensory experience.

Fine Motor Skills

Many of our tactile tools also double as fine motor workouts for little hands. Manipulating small objects like squishy creeblers or our fine motor tools set builds dexterity, hand strength, and coordination skills, making everyday tasks like buttoning and zipping easier.


Our tools come in a wide array of materials, from soft to scratchy and smooth to bumpy. Let your child experience the calming sensation of the Move'n'Sit cushion or the bubble pop fidget ball. Contrasting and combining textures builds tactile awareness and tolerance.

Sensory Input On-the-Go

We offer a selection of compact, portable tactile tools perfect for providing a calming sensory break, whether at school, in the car, or running errands. A stretchy, squeezable fidget or suckers that stick to any surface can be just the right sensory input to help your child reset.