Oral Motor Skills Tools

At Everyday OT, we offer oral motor tools in various shapes, textures, and durability levels to meet diverse sensory needs. For oral sensory-seeking children, our oral motor tools provide a safe, purposeful outlet for stimulation.

Oral motor skills tools can also aid speech and feeding development by engaging the mouth, lips, and jaw muscles through repetitive chewing motions and resistance. Exercising these mouth muscles helps with oral motor development by improving chewing, swallowing and making sounds.

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Oral Motor Skills Tools

For children who crave oral sensory stimulation, oral chews offer a purposeful outlet. These specialised tools satisfy the need for calm in a safe, constructive way and tap into the soothing, regulating effects of controlled chewing.

Incorporating oral motor skills tools into your child's daily routine or occupational therapy toolkit allows for consistent, focused practice of motor skills needed for clear articulation and efficient eating and drinking abilities.

Oral Health and Hygiene 

Many children with sensory processing differences struggle to tolerate traditional oral hygiene routines. Intense flavours, textures, and sensations around the mouth may trigger aversions and make toothbrushing a struggle. 

Specialised oral care products are sensory-friendly options that allow for a gentler, less overwhelming introduction to dental hygiene. Children can build tolerance and establish healthy habits with time and positive reinforcement.

Oral Sensory Chews 

Our range of ARK Therapeutic chewy tools includes discreet and fashionable chewable jewellery pieces like necklaces and bracelets. These stylish "chewelry" options provide a calming outlet for oral sensory seekers while blending seamlessly into everyday wear. 

We also offer an assortment of chewable pencil toppers and other “bitable” objects designed to redirect oral fixations safely. The rhythmic chewing action helps promote self-regulation and focus by satisfying the craving for oral input.

Whether used during therapy sessions or integrated into daily routines for sensory input, our oral motor tools tap into the powerful calming effects of controlled chewing.