Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscle groups and are used for things like walking, running, and jumping. For children who need support to develop these skills, gross motor skill tools can help to build them through movement, from bouncing to balancing and coordination exercises. This helps them navigate their environment more effectively and supports their social and emotional development.

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Tools for Gross Motor Development

By using equipment that challenges children's coordination and dexterity, you can support your children's overall physical and cognitive development. These tools can help improve muscle tone and support physical and emotional well-being.

Gross motor skills activities are the foundation for a child's development. As they achieve physical milestones, they gain confidence, which is essential for building positive relationships and boosting self-esteem. 

Ways to Use Gross Motor Skills Tools

Coordination and Balance

Gross motor tools can build balance and coordination skills while engaging in a fun activity. For example, tools like balance boards allow children to strengthen their core muscles while engaging in an experience they enjoy. These tools help develop the vestibular and proprioceptive systems, which are important for maintaining balance and coordinating movements.

Build Core Strength 

Many gross motor tools target the core muscle groups, helping to strengthen the abdominal, back, and hip muscles. Activities like bouncing up and down on therapy balls engage the core and promote overall body strength. 

Focus Tools 

Gross motor tools, such as balance cushions, peanut and therapy balls, can provide an outlet for children who need movement to focus. These tactile tools allow children to engage in self-regulating behaviours in a fun and productive way, supporting their sensory needs and gross motor skills like balance.