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Peanut Ball

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Color: Red
Size: 45*90cm

Why We Love Peanut Balls

The Peanut Ball is a fun, supportive and effective tool for meeting sensory needs and working on motor skills. Unlike traditional round therapy balls, peanut balls offer a unique saddle-like seat. This innovative design allows the ball to roll in just one direction—front to back or side to side. This feature provides extra stability, ensuring comfort and boosting confidence in children who may find round balls too challenging. 

Available in a variety of colours, Peanut Balls are designed with sensory integration, balance skills, and coordination development in mind. This support aid is perfect for engaging children in meaningful activities that support their sensory processing and gross motor skills. 

Its heavy-duty vinyl material is easy to clean and ribbed to ensure maximum grip during use. This helps children maintain their balance and coordination while exploring a range of movements and exercises, facilitating therapeutic activity engagement that targets specific developmental goals. 

You can easily adjust the stability level to meet each child's specific needs and preferences, and we include a free pump with every order. 

Don't know what size ball will fit your child?  

Measure from your child's arm pit to the tip of their middle finger. That should correspond within 5cm to the height of the ball you are buying so they can sit on the ball securely. This is a guideline only, if your therapist has recommended a particular size ball please follow their direction.

Effective Ways to Use Peanut Balls 

  • Balance and Core Strengthening: Peanut balls can be used for balance and core strength exercises, as children need to engage their core muscles by sitting or lying on the ball to maintain stability. 
  • Sensory Regulation: Rocking or bouncing motions can help children regulate and provide a safe outlet for energy or anxiety.  
  • Motor Skills Development: Peanut ball activities like pushing the ball with hands or feet, laying over it, or using it as a support for sitting help children improve their coordination and motor skills. 

Usage Information

  • Suitable from birth. 
  • Children must be closely supervised while using peanut balls.
  • Peanut balls are designed for indoor use and should be on a level surface free from pointed objects.
  • Do not use weights while exercising on the ball.

Additional Information

  • Recommended weight max: 120 kg (18st 12lbs, 264lbs).
  • Dimensions: 45 x 90cm and 50 x 100cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
Color: Red
Size: 45*90cm

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