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Occupational Therapy Services for Organisations & Education Providers 

Teacher with Pupils

Education, Training & Workshops for Education Providers

We have extensive experience in running education, training and workshops to a variety of educational settings (preschools, montessoris, colleges, primary and secondary schools). This can be carried out in person or via zoom. These are tailored to the needs of the staff and the children they work. We would love to work with you in creating a workshop to meet the needs of your children or the children you work with. Some popular topics include

  • All things Sensory (our sensory system, sensory play, sensory challenges, sensory detective)

  • The Skills of Daily Living (toilet learning, play, leisure and self care skills etc)

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Handwriting and Assistive Technology


School Visits & 
Observational Assessments

Let us empower your staff member to use tool and strategies to help support the child their are working with in accessing school life. School based (this includes preschools, montessoris, primary, secondary schools etc) observations and assessments are carried out for a variety of different reasons, some of these may include but are not limited to

  • It may be part of the process that a parent has started with our OT or 

  • There may be a child in your class that you want to learn how to best support or

  • Your setting is interested in running small groups to support children with their play, motor or sensory skills.

  • A child in your setting has been granted the use of an iPad and you need guidance around using assistive technology

A parental interview will often be carried out prior to the assessment and teacher interviews will be carried out as necessary. A full report with recommendations will be provided. Additional fees for travel costs will apply. 

Group Lecture

Parent Education, Training & Workshops via organisations (charities, clubs,
agencies etc)

Empowering parents/guardians with the knowledge and skills to understand and meet their child’s needs is one of core values.  We strongly believe that as your child’s primary care giver that providing you with this information will help you help them.


We have designed and delivered a variety of education, training and workshops for various organisations that support parents (Arch Clubs, Local Charities, Colleges, Family Support Networks etc). 


We would love to be able to meet the needs of the children and parents you work with through the education, training and workshops we provide.  Some popular topics include:

  • All things Sensory (our sensory system, sensory play, sensory challenges, sensory detective)

  • Daily living skills (toilet learning, feeding, dressing, organisation, sleeping etc), leisure skills (development of ball skills, strength & endurance etc), as well as productivity skills such as pre-writing and handwriting skills, attention and concentration, seating etc.

  • Supporting my child’s play and development

  • How to raise a resilient child through co-regulation and why this is important


As always we are happy to create a bespoke workshop that meets the current needs of the children and parents you work with.

Kids Playing with Lego


We provide a wide range of both standardised and non-standardised assessments to children (between the ages of 0-18) and their families.These including Screening, Full Motor, Sensory Processing, Handwriting and Assistive Technology, Review and School Observational Assessments. These child-centered assessments are an important part of the process in learning more about your child. We carry out all assessments in the child’s own home or school (as necessary) and work across Dublin, Meath and surrounding areas. We can travel for an additional cost. 

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