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Sensory Diets Don't Work!

children playing tug of war


Sensory diets do not work.

Well….this is not entirely true. A Sensory Diet has found to be effective and is beneficial for certain children...

A Sensory Diet is a list of sensory-based activities that are scheduled into a child's day to help support their sensory and emotional regulation.

But what if a child needs more sensory-based activities to help support regulation than the ones mapped out in their sensory diet?

Or what if a child doesn't need any of those activities right now?

A better way of focusing on sensory regulation and providing sensory-based activities is for parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers etc to all become a sensory detectives themselves to help them understand what level of sensory input the child needs at that particular moment in time.

Developing your own understanding into whether a child is presenting as a sensory over-responder or sensory under-responder will help empower you to know what sensory tools you need to use at that time.
So, although sensory diets can be beneficial, it is more beneficial to focus on your own understanding of how a child is presenting to you in that moment and know exactly what to do, how to do it, and how long to do it for.
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